Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept? Tanglewood Stables accepts cash and personal checks. We are unable to accept credit card payments or PayPal.

Are reservations required for trail rides? We strongly recommend that you make a reservation so that we can be sure to accommodate your party. Otherwise, schedules and availability may not permit a ride at the time of your visit. Additionally, we recommend arriving 5 to 10 minutes early so that we can take care of preparations for an on-time departure from the barn.

Are trail riders required to wear helmets? Although injury is improbable, even the safest riding conditions contain an element of risk. For that reason, we provide riding helmets and encourage guests to wear them. However, if you prefer not to wear one, we will require that you sign a liability waiver that is downloadable HERE. (just sign it and give it to us when you arrive), or available at the time of your ride.

How old do children need to be to ride? To participate in our guided trail rides, children need to be 6 years of age and older. However, pony rides can be scheduled for children who are under the age of 6.

I was out at the stables hoping to get a pony ride for my child. I waited around for a while, but all of the horses were being used for trail rides. How do I get a pony ride? Most often, we have pre-existing reservations that exclude the possibility of unscheduled rides. However, if schedules and availability permit, we’re happy to provide an impromptu individual ride for only $5 on a small lead-line horse.

Can you send me the forms I need for my activity? We’re glad to send you forms by mail, however, they are now available for download from our website by clicking HERE.

How many people can a hay ride accommodate? We take groups up to 25 people for an hour, or we can take two groups for a half-hour each.

Do you offer hay rides to individuals? During the month of October, individuals can call to reserve a place on one of our pre-scheduled Pumpkin Pick Hay rides for $10 per person, which includes a scenic ride through the park to the pumpkin patch and a pumpkin to take home.

What happens when there’s bad weather on the day of our scheduled activity? Bad weather can be subjective, as well as difficult to predict. Whenever you’re unsure, it is best to give us a call and we can discuss your comfort with the conditions at the time of your activity, and make contingency plans, if necessary.

Can I book a carriage ride that’s not for a wedding? Absolutely. Our two carriages, and our horse-drawn wagon are often requested for anniversaries, birthdays, seasonal events, light show rides, and other special occasions. We can offer rides throughout the park, or deliver service onsite at your venue.

If I reserved an activity for a certain time, why is it suggested that I arrive 5 or 10 minutes earlier than that? The time of your reservation is the time we head out. And with activities such as trail rides, hay rides, and wagon rides, we need enough time before your departure to be sure everyone is ready. For trail rides, that means collecting the appropriate forms, matching each rider with a suitable horse, and getting everyone safely in the saddle before hitting the trail. For hay rides and wagon rides, we need time to account for all guests, load everyone safely, and be sure all participants are comfortably seated. For that reason, we can only stay on schedule when our guests arrive a little early to allow for these preparations. Of course, if you are running late, just give us a call to let us know.