Pony rides are a long-time favorite way to provide outdoor activity, education, and entertainment for groups of children who like to be around animals.

Ideal for children under the age of 6, pony rides at Tanglewood Stables are a perfect accompaniment for birthday parties, church group outings, or family reunions. Not to mention the photo opportunities that come along with seeing little ones ride a horse for the first time!

Because our services are designed to serve groups of guests by reservation, please understand that we can only accommodate unscheduled individual rides when time and availability permit. Whenever that’s possible, we’re happy to provide them for only $5.

  1. Scheduled rides on a small lead-line horse.

  2. Designed for groups of children under 6.

  3. Exciting activity for little ones, and a great photo opportunity for parents.

  4. One-hour services are provided for $50.

  5. Unscheduled individual rides can only be accommodated when time and availability permit.

  6. Payment by cash or check.


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